Our services are the solution for the optimal functioning of your water well or pumping system.

Drilling of Wells

The terrain is assessed through geological studies conducted by field experts.

The best location for drilling the water well is determined. Drilling is carried out using the most advanced equipment according to the type of soil. Once the well is drilled, gravel packing and ADEME application are applied.

Electrification of Wells

We offer comprehensive energy and electricity services, including improvements in medium-voltage network distribution and detailed studies of power quality to optimize pumping equipment. We provide management of electrical substations and emergency power solutions through emergency plants.

Water Well Diagnosis

Pumping Test

Identifying the water yield of the well and the depth of drawdown.

Well Video Recording

The camera is placed and lowered for recording.

Automation Services and Pumping Systems

Well Automation

Installation of control panel, protections, and valves…

Automation and Pumping Systems

The equipment is embedded in the control room, wiring is done, and pressure sensors are installed…

Integration of control panels

“We integrate a new control panel into your pumping system.”

Clean Water and Wastewater Pumping

The equipment for pumping clean water or wastewater is installed…

Water Well Equipment Services

“We arrive with the crane and all the necessary equipment to perform the installation on site. Once the equipment is placed, we proceed to couple the pump with the motor and apply waterproof wiring splicing.

Subsequently, the pump is installed, followed by the piping, along with the cable, until reaching the discharge head. Once all this is done, the equipment is started for the first time to ensure that everything is functioning correctly. Rotation, water flow, electrical values, and dynamic level are verified.”

Water Well Maintenance Services

Pumping Equipment Maintenance

“We conduct tests on the equipment, and based on these, maintenance or corrective tasks are performed…”

Water Well Rehabilitation

Video evaluation is conducted, chemicals are applied for deep cleaning, and vertical brushing of the well installations is performed.

Specialized Services

Casing and Equipment Fishing

The pumping equipment is uninstalled, and a video recording is conducted to inspect the condition of the well.


The dosing pump provides an exact specific flow of one liquid to another fluid over a set period of time.


Disinfection is an important stage within the water treatment process.

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