Water Well Equipment

We equip your water well to achieve its optimal performance.

Service Process

Well equipment is carried out using a tripod crane, high-quality equipment, and specialized technicians.

Wiring, Valves, and Piping

The crane is positioned in the well area to begin the installation process.

It starts with coupling the pump to the motor, followed by waterproof splicing of the submersible cable to the motor.

Next, the submersible pump is installed, along with the piping, safety check valve, submersible cable, and conduit for level measurement, until reaching the desired depth.

Alongside the deep well equipment, the pumping unit is installed, including reels, valves, and necessary accessories, as well as the discharge head for water distribution.

The Motor Control Center (MCC) is integrated, consisting of a starter or variable frequency drive. It is properly installed in the well control room and connected to the power supply.

Finally, the equipment is started for the first time to ensure that everything is functioning correctly. Rotation, water flow, electrical values, and dynamic level are verified.

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Clean Energies

We offer you the option to implement the use of clean energy. We carry out the installation of solar panels to supply electricity to your pumping equipment. This way, we take care of the planet and achieve significant savings.

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We are official distributors and installers in Mexico of the best brands, which allows us to offer you a warranty of up to 3 years on the equipment we provide for your water well

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