Effective destruction of pathogenic microorganisms in your well water.


Importance of Disinfection

Disinfection is an important stage within the water treatment process. It helps in the effective destruction of pathogenic microorganisms, is non-toxic to humans or domestic animals (at the recommended doses), non-toxic to aquatic species and plants (at the recommended doses), easy and safe to store, transport, and operate, stable over time for the active substance, concentration analysis in water is easy and reproducible, provides residual protection in water during distribution (residual stability for hours/days), eliminates biofilms from pipes (at the recommended doses), and is cost-effective.


Verify the following factors that may affect this procedure:

  • Biofilms in pipes: Affecting the disinfection capacity and cross-contamination from product biofilms.

  • Underlayer corrosion.

  • Chemical composition of water: It can contain organic matter (natural or microorganisms) or inorganic matter (iron, magnesium, nitrates, arsenic).

Disinfection can be applied through these systems:

  • Physical: UV Radiation, Ultrafiltration.
  • Chemical: Ozone, Chlorine Gas, Sodium Hypochlorite, Chlorine Dioxide.

Installation of hydraulic and electrical equipment.

Startup and commissioning.

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