Water Well Drilling

Drilling with the most advanced equipment depending on the type of terrain

Service Process

The terrain is evaluated through geological studies conducted by field experts. This geothermal mapping allows us to determine the depth at which the water source is located. The best location for drilling the water well is determined. Drilling is carried out using the most advanced equipment according to the type of terrain material. Once the well is drilled, ADEME is applied, followed by gravel application. Finally, a video recording of the installations is conducted.

First, the terrain is assessed through a geological study conducted by experts. This allows us to determine the depth at which the water source is located and thus identify the best location for drilling the water well.

The drilling is carried out using high-level machinery according to the type of material and hardness of the terrain, whether it’s Type I, II, or III.

Once the well is drilled, the casing is installed, followed by the application of gravel to stabilize the borehole.

A discharge measurement test is conducted, which should last for 48 hours, using the appropriate pumping equipment based on the dimensions and depth of the well.

During the first 24 hours, this test not only cleans the well but also determines the flow rate and dynamic level to establish the capacity of the electromechanical equipment to be installed.

A video recording is made of the inside of the well, using state-of-the-art camera technology, showing the exact conditions of the well. This process helps us confirm the correct drilling and the good quality of the newly completed work.

Finally, the physical/digital delivery of the results of the studies and tests carried out during the drilling process is done. This includes: Geological Study, Graphic and Tabular of the flow test, and video recording.


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